Operation JASK

An issue was discovered in password-store.sh in pass in Simple Password Store 1.7.x before 1.7.2. The signature verification routine parses the output of GnuPG with an incomplete regular expression, which allows remote attackers to spoof file signatures on configuration files and extension scripts. Modifying the configuration file allows the attacker to inject additional encryption keys under their control, thereby disclosing passwords to the attacker. Modifying the extension scripts allows the attacker arbitrary code execution.

This weekend, the team got together to work on CVE-2018-12356 

This operation was called Operation JASK (Named by Nitin, meaning  Just A Single Keystroke)

Not many of us were free, since there was Eid, and it came up pretty quick and Logan was able to manage this nicely.


Those are the outcomes of this weekend:

Member Project Merged
Loganaden Bitcoin Bitcoin
Nitin Litecoin Litecoin
Codarren Dash Dash
Yasir bitcoin2x, kredsBlockchain, sparkscrypto  
Nigel Bitcoin Gold, Qtum, BitCore, BitcoinX, Bitcoin Diamond, Digibyte Bitcoin Gold
Muzaffar Monacoin, Binarium, Terracoin, Monoeci, Bitcoin-Atom, coruus/cooperpair Monacoin, Binarium, Terracoin
Rahul Syscoin, Bitcoin-ABC  



More information will be posted on each  member's blog.