hackers.mu leads Mauritians for the Google code-in

hackers.mu supported College Du St Esprit for Google Code-in, by sending 2 of its members: Deelvesh Bunjun and Lvv.

Google Code-in is a world-wide competition intended for young people from 13 to 17 years. As part of our efforts of promoting Linux and Other Open Source software in Mauritius, we mentored students from College Du St Esprit in November 2016. 


Google code-in requires high quality submissions for tasks on the Drupal CMS. 8 Students were able to meet those standards: Hl, Smak, Ny, IM, NG, Vd and Jd. Among those 2: Smak and Hl qualified for finalists, among 51 other finalists.

We also need to mention the support of College Du St Esprit staff: Mrs Prabha Dunooeah, Mr Christian Gunoo, and Mr Anil Seeboo who made sure that the facilities would be available to students during holidays.

Once again, Hackers.mu stands as the organization which promotes the image of the Mauritian Software Engineer world-wide, and leads the next generation Linux hackers from Mauritius.